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Lopon Offers The Best Car Hire Services In Kolkata

Need to hire a rental car or bus? You are at the right place! At Lopon Car Rentals, you will find just the right type of vehicle for your precise requirements. The key features and services of our car rental agency are:

Budget-friendly Car Rental In Kolkata

Taking a car or bus on rent in Kolkata will not require you to spend exorbitant amounts. The rental charges on each of our vehicles are competitive. There are no hidden costs involved either. Fuel costs are included within the car hire charges.

Lots Of Options At Our Car Rental Company

You can choose from a wide selection of automobiles – each in proper showroom condition – at our agency. We have an extensive fleet of compact and standard cars, as well as stylish luxury vehicles. AC buses and tempos are given out on hire by us as well.

Car Rent In Kolkata For All Purposes

Lopon Car Rentals is your one-stop destination, for rental cars required for any purpose. We arrange for cars for corporate trips, leisure & sightseeing tours, marriages, and other personal celebrations. Whatever might be your need, you’ll always get a suitable car for the purpose at Lopon.

The Finest Discount Car Rental In Kolkata

Availing of our high-class private taxi service in Kolkata would also give you the opportunity to get handsome discounts & special deals. Exciting offers are available on both corporate and array bookings. Clients can get additional roadside benefits as well.

Customized Car Hire In Kolkata

At Lopon, the focus is always on providing you with high-performance rental vehicles – when and where you need it. We provide reliable Kolkata airport car rental services, along with pick-up and drop-off from the Kolkata and Howrah railway stations. You won’t ever find our cars to be late!

Private Taxi Service In Kolkata For Superior On-Road Experience

When you take car rent in Kolkata from Lopon, you can count on getting a smooth, hassle-free on-road travel experience. Each of the vehicles at our agency are regularly inspected by mechanics, and cleaned & polished – before being given out on hire. If any problem is detected, a replacement vehicle is arranged for immediately.

Easy Online Car Booking Options

Instant availability of the car of your choice is something you can rest assured about, when you contact our agency. We have convenient and completely secure online car booking facilities – via which you can make your car-bookings from anywhere. Go through all the cars that we provide on rent, and make a choice – that’s all!

Car Rent In Kolkata With All The Latest Features & Amenities

Right from sophisticated emission pipes and transmission systems, to car AC systems and pre-checked meters – you’ll get them all in each of the automobiles on hire at our car rental agency. Before a car is handed over, emission testing is also done on it. The safety features of our cars are excellent too.

Our Car Rental Agency Delivers More Than Your Expectations

Providing personalized car hire in Kolkata at reasonable rates is not the only thing Lopon Car Rentals is all about. All the vehicles have round-the-clock breakdown coverage, and clearly specified third-party liability insurance. Chauffeur charges are included in the car hire rates as well. For a night trip, only a nominal additional fee has to be paid.

Avail of car rental in Kolkata from Lopon Car Rentals. You will get pre-tested, high-performance cars – and will be able to save a lot too!

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